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Welcome to the website of Cyberlaw University

#Cyberlaw University is an #online University that is specifically dedicated to the study of #Cyberlaw and related legal issues. #Cyberlaw University aims to provide various courses and diplomas that would make the participants more aware about the various legal issues pertaining to #cyberspace, Internet and the World Wide Web.

OUR BELIEF: #Cyberlaw University believes that #Cyberlaw indeed provides the foundation on which the current and future online transactions and the surrounding ecosystem is based. Having strong foundations is critical for having a tall building. For the #Digital #online society, #Cyberlaw shall continue to be the foundation fulcrum on which the edifices of future growth, progress and technological advancement would be made. #Cyberlaw University is committed to bring the constantly evolving trends pertaining to legal issues impacting #computers, #computer systems, #computer networks, #communication devices as also data and information in the #electronic form, to the participants of its various courses. In having a sound #cyber legal regime, lies the success for a modern nation and its #online economy. #Cyberlaw University is committed to the principles of transparency and further growth of enabling structures, frameworks and principles of #Cyberlaw. In the times to come, #Cyberlaw University hopes to lead by thought leadership, academic initiatives aimed at #cyber legal studies.