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An Online Education Platform (Not Accredited to any Statutory Authority or Institution)*

Cyberlaw University® is an online University that is specifically dedicated to the study of Cyberlaw and related legal issues.

Cyberlaw University aims to provide various courses and diplomas that would make the participants more aware about the various legal issues pertaining to cyberspace, Internet and the World Wide Web. 

OUR BELIEF: Cyberlaw University believes that Cyberlaw indeed provides the foundation on which the current and future online transactions and the surrounding ecosystem is based.

Having strong foundations is critical for having a tall building. For the Digital online society, Cyberlaw shall continue to be the foundation fulcrum on which the edifices of future growth, progress and technological advancement would be made.

Cyberlaw University is committed to bring the constantly evolving trends pertaining to legal issues impacting computers, computer systems, computer networks, communication devices as also data and information in the electronic form, to the participants of its various courses. 

In having a sound cyber legal regime, lies the success for a modern nation and its online economy.

Cyberlaw University is committed to the principles of transparency and further growth of enabling structures, frameworks and principles of #Cyberlaw. In the times to come, Cyberlaw University hopes to lead by thought leadership, academic initiatives aimed at cyber legal studies.


Why To Do Courses Offered by Cyberlaw University?

  1. Cyberlaw University is a dedicated online University across the world for promoting Cyberlaw education platform across the world which is dealing with Cyberlaw and related aspects.
  2. The subject depth of the courses created by Dr. Pavan Duggal is immense and invaluable, who is often referred to as walking encyclopaedia on Cyberlaw. Dr. Pavan Duggal has crafted these courses keeping in mind you, your busy schedule and requirements.
  3. These courses offered by Cyberlaw University are beginning on journey of discovery. These will help to put you in a right direction and will encourage you to further go ahead and discover nuances pertaining to different aspects.
  4. Unlike other universities, Cyberlaw University is the only platform in the niche area of Cyberlaw and has immense expertise therein. Hence, coverage of subjects by Cyberlaw University is distinct, diverse, practically oriented and will help you to understand the practical challenges and nuances of relevant covered topics.
  5. The courses are conceptualized, created and developed by one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world, which bring along with the said courses their own distinctive value addition.
  6. Cyberlaw University believes that the best courses are those which enable you to learn on your own. Hence, Cyberlaw University courses have been developed to handhold you and guide you in particular directions, thereby opening up the horizon of your knowledge.
  7. The courses offered by Cyberlaw University are very distinctive mix of academics, practical nuances, cutting-edge issues and coverage of those aspects which have not been covered by existing curriculum of any other law school or law university.
  8. The courses of Cyberlaw University are aimed to enhance your Cyberlaw skillsets and to empower you so that you can take intelligent decision in your day-to-day interaction in the digital format.
  9. Doing these courses are more cheaper than landing yourself into trouble in cyberspace and then try to find remedies for the same.
  10. Cyberlaw University believes in the dictum that it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, Cyberlaw University provides proactive enhancement of knowledge on cutting-edge issues in concise and capsulized format and in practical easy manner to learn methodology so that you can understand all these legal concepts easily.
  11. Cyberlaw University is guided by very eminent qualified and internationally known personalities in the area of education and Cyberlaw and the courses represents the distilled collation of their wisdom.
  12. Cyberlaw University is a specialized University and its specialized courses are much above the courses offered by generalized institutions without any specialization.

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Courses offered by Cyberlaw University have been done, till date, by more than 28,500 students from 174 countries speaking 53 different languages.

Cyberlaw Books By Dr. Pavan Duggal

Dr. Pavan Duggal has authored many books in the field of Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property Rights and E-Commerce. His writings cover various growing areas of concern and trends in the above mentioned fields. He has penned 182 books and e-books which include the following: