1. Not just apps, Chinese phones, cams and other devices too can steal Indians’ data: Pavan Duggal
  2. Cyber law In India: The Information Technology Act 2000 – Some Perspectives
  3. Section 66A OF IT Act – your friend or foe?
  4. Social Media and Indian Cyber law
  5. Has the BPO industry hit a speed-breaker?
  6. Hidden camera and law
  8. A direct impact on free speech in cyber space
  9. Cyber law And Data Security
  10. THE LEGAL view on Data Centres
  11. Legislate Privacy, At Least
  12. Telecommunications Convergence Law in India – A Critique
  13. Indian Legal Response to Cyber Security
  14. Does the UID project infringe on privacy?
  15. Think again before you post
  16. Cyber Law – Global Trends in 2014
  17. If all goes well, Indian IT Act may enter 21st century
  18. How online privacy is linked to your pocket
  19. India to issue advisory against child pornography
  20. Don’t let technology become your master: Justice Grover to students
  21. Legislative language must ensure balance between curbing rights and protecting them: Pavan Duggal
  22. India lacks laws to protect customers of digital transactions: Experts
  23. ‘Why were stricter laws not invoked against café owners?
  24. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions
  25. Bringing cyber security to the fore
  26. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions
  27. Indian Android smartphone are at data theft risk: Experts
  28. Dev 360: To go cashless, win people’s trust first
  29. Go Digital Drive Brought Cyber Security To The Fore In India
  30. Delhi cops to get ‘one touch’ internet monitoring system
  31. Indian Android smartphone users too at data theft risk: Experts
  32. Digital economy needs stricter cyber laws
  33. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions
  34. Apple and Google to encrypt smartphones in India with Aadhaar
  35. Why virtual reality will redefine porn
  36. Next up for DigiLocker integration: PAN card and private service providers
  37. Why we need a digital heir after death (Tech Trend)
  38. Who leaked Udta Punjab online?
  39. PORN: Reliance Jio, Airtel, RCom, Vodafone, Telenor mull parental firewall for parents
  40. Australia’s new data breach disclosure laws have a rather floppy definition of ‘breach’
  41. How Europe Can Fight Cyber Attacks (And Win)
  42. Clinton vs Trump: Here’s How Symantec Simulated a Cyberattack on US Presidential Election
  43. New FBI release on Clinton email probe refers to ‘Shadow Government’
  44. Internet providers claim cyber attack, to meet senior cop
  45. The CIA is Preparing for a Major Cyberattack Against Russia
  46. Laws to tighten privacy after data breach
  47. TalkTalk hit with record fine for cyber attack
  48. SEC May Use Yahoo Case to Set Data Breach Disclosure Rules
  49. Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches
  50. “Hacked” e-mail account of White House worker exposed in 2013 password breach
  51. Couple’s bank account drained by thieves using recent Wendy’s data breach
  52. Michelle Obama data breach: purported scan of first lady’s passport appears online
  53. Bank informs RBI of security breach: Axis suffers cyber attack, hires EY to probe damage
  54. Cyber crime cell for ransomware cases soon
  55. European ATM cyber-attacks up 28%, those using dynamite up 30%
  56. Smart home devices used in cyberattack on tech writer’s site
  57. Teenager appears in court over TalkTalk cyber-attack
  58. German politicians faced cyberattack: report
  59. N-power plant disrupted by cyber attack, says IAEA
  60. UK finance groups face surge in cyber attacks
  61. Air Force general: F-16s may be vulnerable to cyber attack
  62. Two Teenagers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack that Targeted Illinois Businesses
  63. Hackers Hijack ‘Smart Devices’ for Huge Cyberattack
  64. Hacked by your fridge: the Internet of Things could spark a new wave of cyber attacks
  65. BAE Systems: A cyber attack could cost your business £1 million
  66. Singapore sees spike in number of cyberattack-for-ransom cases
  67. German military carried out first foreign cyber-attack in Afghan hostage op – report
  68. The dark web marketplace where you can buy 200 million Yahoo accounts is under cyberattack
  69. Medical Devices Are Vulnerable to Cyberattack
  70. Energy sector sees increase in cyber-attacks
  71. Virtual Safety: Cyber security in AR/VR games
  72. FBI probes hacks targeting phones of Democratic Party officials: sources
  73. Australian Bureau of Meteorology hacked by foreign spies, cybersecurity report reveals


  1. Cyber crime Cyber crime Everywhere- no place to hide
  2. Our cyber cells are not equipped to deal with cyber crime
  3. Tackling Cyber Crimes – Need for Stringent Laws
  4. Theft of ATM password attracts IPC and cyber law
  5. India: Terrorism And Cyber crime
  6. Your cyber crime-friendly legislation
  7. A warning against the Internet’s dangers
  8. India: Terrorism And Cyber crime
  9. Indian Blackout – Some legal perspectives
  10. Trump Organization’s ‘problematic’ cybersecurity risks email hack — report
  11. Canada’s cybersecurity strategy is anemic: expert
  12. Cybersecurity Stocks’ Q3 Results: What to Look For
  13. Smart Grids Aren’t Secure, Survey Says
  14. Cloud Security Replacing Cybersecurity Industry, Says Analyst
  15. Slovak Finance Ministry drafts country’s first cybersecurity law
  16. Workers in London’s financial centre are being bombarded with ransomware
  17. These free ransomware decryption tools have rescued data from 2,500 locked devices
  18. European ransomware initiative gains 13 new member countries
  19. Ransomware scam being spread through fake bill
  20. Kaspersky Cybersecurity: Strengthening govt initiatives, enterprise and cyber insurance
  21. Chief Economic Advisor’s twitter account hacked
  22. New draft of cyber response plan nearly ready for release
  23. US and Russia headed for new cold war
  24. The Cyber-War on Wikileaks
  25. China’s Cyber And Trade War: Its Threat To National Security
  26. Cybercrime and Fraud Cost UK £10.9 Billion in a Year
  27. Cybercrime as a Service: Europol Hints at Militants Using Darknet
  28. Cyber crime in South Africa – top of the agenda for CFOsG7 Nations Plan To Team Up To Tackle Financial Cybercrime
  29. Cybercrimes rule high, but no chief at tribunal for 5 years
  30. Business rivals commit most cyber crimes
  31. Southern states most net-savvy but Maharashtra tops in online fraud
  32. Security concerns on transactions increase as residents go cashless
  33. Jamia organises seminar on cyber crime
  34. IRCTC hacking: Railways claims no leakage of ‘sensitive’ data
  35. ‘Go digital’ drive brought cyber security to the fore in India
  36. Cyber security is a major concern in transactions
  37. Cyber Security: How Rahul, Congress Twitter accounts may have been hacked


  1. Logging Into Terror


  1. Tablets for reform in education


  1. Facebook, Speech & Indian Cyber law
  2. Think again before you post
  3. Social Media and Indian Cyber law
  4. Covering act Social Media & Section 66A of Indian Cyber Law


  1. Indian cyber law miles behind the realities of social media
  2. Internet has no alternative
  3. Legal challenges in cyber world
  4. Hidden camera and law


  1. Indian pop stars attract cyber squatters too
  2. The strain of setting online music store
  3. Data theft on BPOs
  4. Selling clean Flicks could be a dirty business
  5. Digital signature is not catching on
  6. How valid are e-records of board meetings?
  7. Due Diligence will help limit any liabilities


  1. Liability of CIOs


  1. The Information Technology Act, 2000 – Some Perspectives.
  2. Cyberlaw-2001: Two dramatic developments
  3. The Information Technology Act
  5. IT Act assigns undue powers to the police
  6. We are not keeping up pace


  1. Cyber law trends of 2010
  2. Cyber deterrence
  3. Theft of ATM password attracts IPC and cyberlaw
  4. India does not need ‘web-cops’
  5. Internet ruling opens Pandora’s box for online publishing industry
  6. Protecting the Virtual Cob-Web


  1. SC sets tone for course correction


  1. Wake up call to Indian BPOs
  2. Legal issues related to outsourcing in India


  1. The State of Privacy laws in India- Interview with Pavan Duggal


  1. Does the UID project infringe on privacy?


  1. Tablets for reform in education

ON 66A

  1. Year 2012 and Section 66A of Indian Cyberlaw, The Economic Times January 9, 2013
  2. Pavan Duggal via Live Web Chat on the essence of Sec 66A of the Information Technology Act.
  3. 66A- “Friend or Foe?”
  4. A Great Service To The Cause Of Free Speech
  5. IT Leaders, Lawyers Welcome SC Ruling on 66A of the IT Act