how to deal with online financial frauds

In this course, the students will get an overview of some of the more important online financial frauds that are existing in cyberspace today. The students will be able to appreciate the peculiar features and characteristics of online financial frauds and will further be able to learn about how legal approaches are being adopted in different countries to effectively trying to regulate online financial frauds. This course will enable any internet user to be better sensitized about online financial frauds and the connected legal nuances so that they can be better prepared while dealing with any online financial frauds in their day-to-day digital activities and digital lives. The purpose of the present course is to sensitize and empower every online user to be more aware of the different legal, policy and regulatory nuances concerning online financial frauds so that they can be in a much better position to deal with these fraudulent activities as and when faced by them in the coming times.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Instance of online financial fraud
  • Get rich quick schemes in online financial fraud
  • Online financial frauds as Cybercrime and their economic impact
  • Is online financial fraud a crime?
  • Massive increase in financial frauds and advent of Darknet
  • Identity theft
  • Mass marketing online frauds
  • Pyramid schemes of online financial fraud
  • Salient features of online financial fraud
  • Bangladesh Bank Cyber Heist Case
  • Tesco Bank Case
  • Figures about growing instances and impact of online financial fraud
  • Increasing Cybersecurity breaches & online financial frauds
  • Further figures and a grim picture
  • Online mortgage frauds
  • Credit Card & Debit Card frauds
  • Fake charities
  • Debt collection frauds
  • Misappropriation funds, employee theft and embezzlement
  • Phishing
  • Innovative approaches of online frauds
  • Theft frauds & counterfeit frauds
  • Vishing
  • Ransomware frauds
  • U.S. laws & online frauds
  • European Union law on online financial fraud
  • Australian law on online financial fraud
  • Chinese law on regulating online fraud
  • Tips to avoid becoming victims of online financial frauds
  • Tips for corporate to avoid online financial frauds
  • Related Courses
  • Conclusion

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