Today students constitute a significant portion of the digital population. Students are the building blocks of the future. In addition, every person is a student in his entire life.

Given the advent of Covid-19 and given the increasing reliance on cyberspace, there is no denying the fact that Cyberlaw plays an extremely important role in the life of students today, whether it is a student in any educational institution, university or institute of higher learning or even a student in the paradigm of life.

With internet being an integral part of our life, it is imperative that students need to understand that Cyberlaw is going to be a lifelong companion. The pandemic has irreversibly changed the existing ground realities and has reiterated the central role in our day-to-day digital lives.

In this regard, Cyberlaw becomes extremely relevant for every student. In today’s world, Cyberlaw as a discipline deals with the legal and policy issues pertaining to activities done in cyberspace. Every digital activity accompanies a legal ramification concerning the same. Hence, all students need to be aware of the cyber legal ramifications done on the internet.

This course aims to sensitize all students about the legal ramifications of their day-to-day activities. This course empowers students to learn more about the legalities of online activities and how to meet with the various digital challenges thrown up by cyberspace.

This course encourages students to expand the horizon of their knowledge and learn more as to how the cyber legal principles deal with ramifications of activities in cyberspace.

This course promises to become a game changer in terms of enabling students in enhancing the horizons of their vision and digital knowledge, so as to be more prepared to face distinct challenges of cyberspace.

After doing this course, students will be far better prepared to deal with the challenges concerning their day-to-day digital lives and connected activities.

This course will enable the students to think about the legal ramifications of their digital activities and encourages them to be more careful and duly diligent, while doing various activities in the online medium.


Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Coming of Covid-19 and impact on increasing use of cyberspace
  3. Why cyberspace is important?
  4. What is Cyberlaw and why is it important?
  5. Anonymity in cyberspace and impact on behaviour
  6. Social media – the new phenomenon
  7. Cyberspace and right to be forgotten
  8. Role of intermediaries and service providers
  9. Removal of content from Internet- challenges and current position
  10. Fake news and impact on personal reputation
  11. Cybercrimes targeting users
  12. Phishing
  13. Identity theft
  14. Growing cyber security breaches
  15. Revenge porn and connected challenges
  16. Cyber bullying and students today
  17. New Cyber World Order and preparation by students
  18. Conclusion

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