The coming of the internet and our subsequent reliance on the same is a documented element of our modern day-to-day lives. However, on the horizon, is now coming a new paradigm known as Metaverse. Metaverse will be the new ecosystem where we will be interacting with other digital users through digital avatars.

It will be a new world consisting of physical world, virtual reality and augmented reality. In this new world, the future is already being reflected. The coming of Metaverse has already appealed to the imagination of various digital users. Various companies are increasingly coming up with big plans for Metaverse.

In this context, it thus becomes imperative to note that Metaverse brings across various legal, policy and regulatory issues. This book seeks to examine the legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to Metaverse and the various legal nuances and aspects pertaining to this newly evolving paradigm.

A majority of these significant legal issues and aspects have been elaborated in the present book. These issues are very crucial for the further robust growth of Metaverse. In this context, it is clear that if these legal issues are appropriately addressed, they can further contribute in further and rapid manner to the future development and growth of Metaverse as a paradigm.

For a lot of readers reading this book, this book may appear to be talking about science fiction world. However, with Metaverse increasingly becoming the ground realities, the legal issues will have to be really addressed by governemnts and relevant stakeholders aceross the world.

This book will be a great starting point of all users of Metaverse or all people who are interested in Metaverse and also the connected legalities and legal nuances pertaining to this newly emerging paradigm.

By this book, the Author has tried to highlight some of the important legal and policy issues that the Author can foresee at the time of writing. However, the said list of issues that have been elaborated in the present book are neither comprehensive nor complete. As time passes by and as Metaverse grows on to its next level of evolution, the Author is pretty confident that more legal issues are also further likely to arise.

However, there is no denying the fact that the legalities pertaining to Metaverse will have to be appropriately well defined and addressed by stakeholders before Metaverse transcends on to the next level of its growth and evolution.

The book has been written in a layman’s language to sensitize the lay internet users about the significance and importance of Metaverse.

This book should be of value to all persons, and specifically private institutions, organizations, companies, employers, employees, lawyers, legal professionals, judges, academicians, nation states, governments and other stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

This Book is authored by Dr. Pavan Duggal (, internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, who has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. This Book’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates ( which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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