Today humans are already having new kinds of digital identities which are characterized as Digital Humans with human-like traits and qualities.

These are the new Digital Humans of today. Whether it is interacting with your avatars on the Metaverse, whether it is following virtual pop-stars or virtual influencers in cyberspace or whether it is following virtual characters in your favourite online game – these are various manifestations of different kinds of Digital Humans that are already part of our digital life.

With the passage of time, the Digital Humans industry is expected to grow phenomenally. These Digital Humans, apart from being a new dimension in our life, are also beginning to throw up various legal, policy and regulatory issues. These issues assume more significance, as addressing these issues are crucial for the further growth and adoption of the Digital Humans ecosystem.

This book seeks to identify some of the more significant legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting Digital Humans. These issues are extremely significant, not just for providing legal recognition to Digital Humans ecosystem but are also essential for the purposes of addressing key legal challenges that are arising with the increased adoption and reliance of Digital Humans. These issues are also encouraging state and non-state actors to actively engage in the direction of addressing legal nuances and technicalities concerning Digital Humans.

This book seeks to be the guiding light on legalities for all stakeholders in the Digital Humans Ecosystem, namely those who are in any manner either concerned, associated or dealing with Digital Humans.

This book should be of value to all persons, and specifically private institutions, organizations, employers, employees, lawyers, legal professionals, judges, academicians, nation states, governments and other stakeholders in the Digital Humans ecosystem, who are concerned or dealing with different legalities and technicalities and also nuances of Digital Humans ecosystem.

This Book is authored by Dr. Pavan Duggal (, internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, who has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. This Book’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates ( ) which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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