“ Cybersecurity is part of your daily life today. Any negligence towards maintaining cybersecurity can cost us dearly, both in monetary terms but also in reputational loss, apart from serious disturbances in practical day-to-day business operations. 

Cybersecurity requires stringent legal frameworks for its protection and preservation. The absence of a global cybersecurity legal regime has propelled countries to start legislating distinctive national cybersecurity laws. I expect the said trends to continue and keep on consolidating with time, as the attention of the world is increasingly brought to the significance of protection and preservation of cybersecurity.”

Dr. Pavan Duggal

Honorary Chancellor, Cyberlaw University

Internationally Renowned Expert and Authority on Cyberlaw

Cybersecurity is all around us.   In fact, the more we are dependent upon the Internet, the more relevance of cybersecurity is increasing in our life. Cybersecurity is going to be the foundational pillar for the further growth of cyberspace.

However, most of the stakeholders today don’t give adequate attention to cybersecurity.  Most of the countries do not have dedicated legal frameworks to deal with cybersecurity.  However, things in this regard are changing.  A new discipline of law has evolved known as Cyber Security Law.

As per Dr. Pavan Duggal, Honorary Chancellor of Cyberlaw University and one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world, Cyber Security Law can be defined as “the newly emerging legal discipline within the Cyberlaw umbrella, which deals with all the legal policy and regulatory issues pertaining to cybersecurity, its protection, preservation, maintenance and continued updation.”

Some countries have already started taking thought leadership and have started coming up with national laws on cybersecurity.  This trend is expected to further consolidate as different countries walk in the direction of coming up with enabling legal frameworks on cybersecurity.

At Cyberlaw University, we recognize the significance and importance of cybersecurity as an evolving paradigm.  That is the reason why we at Cyberlaw University have come up with various dedicated courses on different aspects of cybersecurity.


International Certification Courses 

 International Cybersecurity Law Certification Course

Cyber Security Courses

  1. Cyber Security Law
  2. Cybersecurity Law & Challenges
  3. Cybersecurity Law In Western World
  4. New Cyber World Order Post Covid-19

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These courses are aimed to enhance your perspectives and knowledge on the various cutting-edge issues on cybersecurity and connected legalities.

You are invited to come and join us on a journey to explore the evolving paradigm of Cyber Security Law and its various ramifications for different stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.