Cyber Exponents & Campus Ambassador Programme




The Campus Ambassador program at Cyberlaw University is aimed at identifying energetic, passionate, brilliant, like minded College Students who have the zeal to take initiative and make a mark.

How to identify a Cyber Exponent? Well, they are the people who are typically great researchers and very active members of Computer societies, clubs, events and activities. In addition, they are Cyber Geeks of their community and people look upto them since they usually lead by example. In short, Leadership flows in their veins and they are the visionaries of tomorrow.

If you feel you have the qualities to be a Cyber Exponent, we invite you to join the clan and be a part of the community. We assure you of a great learning experience, awesome perks and take home rewards, a super confident you, a shining resume with recommendations & certificate by Cyberlaw University. Here are the details, in case you have already made up your mind to be a part of us.

Roles and Responsibilities of Cyber Exponent

  1. Be the official Cyber Exponent alias Ambassador and branding representative of Cyberlaw University in your college.
  2. Create programming contests on Cyberlaw.
  3. Promote our courses in your college and get students to sign up & subscribe (including YouTube).
  4. Publicise by displaying posters on notice boards, sharing e-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook etc, circulating emails, etc.
  5. Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports.
  6. Conduct Cyberlaw University workshop every 3 months and programming events / online cyberthon every 45 days in your campus.
  7. Organize counseling sessions and meet-ups in college canteen/campus with Mentors & Alumni.
  8. Represent us in the internship society of your college.
  9. Come up with innovative ideas on how Cyberlaw University can assist your college and associate us with any technical fest or sessions that your college conducts.
  10. Put Cyberlaw University “Books” in college library.
  11. Get students to attend difficult subject doubt session ‘Webinars’ – organized by Mentor of Cyberlaw University.
  12. Associate Cyberlaw University with various college societies and fest department.
  13. Any other marketing initiative will be rewarded as well.

What You Earn & Learn

  1. Cyber Exponent will get an Official Certificate with a Badge from the University.
  2. Earn great rewards on organizing workshops in your college.
  3. Student referral rewards.
  4. Certificate to all eligible candidates on successful completion of six months program.
  5. Meet targets, get our online courses for free.
  6. Free book worth Rs 1200 if targets are met.
  7. Free passes for workshops at Cyberlaw University.
  8. Opportunity to interact and network with industry experts and professionals through various events.
  9. An exposure of working with some of the best brains in the industry.

Format of The Internship

  1. Students will be given topics for research on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity which also includes other emerging technologies.
  2. 1 student will be selected from the group as Campus Ambassador.
  3. Internship will be requiring 6 days working in a week.
  4. Proper format given by the organization should be followed for proper and right marking for the purpose of short listing the Campus Ambassador.
  5. All the interns will be provided with a certificate of internship with the organization
  6. 1 selected student will be given a separate certificate for achieving the position of being the Campus Ambassador.
  7. Result for the selection of the Campus Ambassador will be declared within 15 days of the ending of the term of internship programme.

If you feel you want to be a part of this initiative, you can get started by filling up this form.