Textbook on Cyber Law


Textbook on Cyber Law

Cyberlaw as a phenomenon has evolved in our own lifetimes. In the last decade and a half, huge developments have taken place which impacts every user of a computer, computer resource and communication device. Cyberlaw is one of the latest and most complex disciplines of legal jurisprudence.

However, as time is passing by Cyberlaw is also being introduced in course curriculum in different academic courses for student. The students today are extremely tech savvy inasmuch as they constantly use mobile phones and other communication media, yet their community is by and large not much familiar with the basic principles impacting Cyberlaw.

This Cyberlaw Reckoner is aimed at the student community. It is written in a simple language and aims to unravel the complexities and nuances pertaining to the emerging trends concerning Cyberlaw. It has been written for the students as also for any person who wants to still learn about Cyberlaw.

This Book would aim to sensitize the readers about not just the emerging developments in Cyberlaw but also into the dark side of the Internet and the World Wide Web and its consequent legal consequences.

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