A new treatise on the legal jurisprudence concerning Mobile Payment seeks to cover unchartered territory.

The ebook entitled “Mobile Payment” has been authored by Pavan Duggal, Asia’s and India’s renowned expert and authority in Cyberlaw, who has the credit of doing pioneering work in the various areas of Mobile law.

The ebook is the first of its kind in its specialized category and has explored various legal and regulatory aspects of Mobile Payment. The ebook further analyzes the world wide legal position concerning Mobile Payment.
The inventors of the mobile phones had conceived the same as an instrument which will help increase productivity. Today, mobile phone has not just only increased productivity, it has also become the de-facto device in our hands. It is only natural to expect that the said device should be used for dealing with one activity in which entire human economy is based i.e. activity of dealing with money.

Consequently, mobile payments are increasingly becoming an important aspect of our day-to-day existence. More and more people want to use their mobile phones for making payments on a variety of purchases that they purchase using mobile phones and on mobile e-commerce platforms. However, there is a relative virgin area.

Various models of mobile payments are currently being tried. There is no one complete success story but clearly people are unanimous that mobile payment is the way of the future. The advent of mobile payment brings it with various legal, policy and regulatory issues. These are issues which have a profound impact not just upon the way how we will be able to use mobile phones for payment purposes, but also the way how the mobile payment economy is likely to grow over a period of time. Clearly, using mobiles for making payments is a very attractive idea. However, there are large number of challenges in that regard. At a time when cyber criminals and mobile criminals are waiting for every opportunity to rob you of your moneys, mobile payment has before it various legal, policy and regulatory challenges.

This ebook “Mobile Payments & Mobile Law” seeks to specifically look at the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting mobile payments. It also looks at the various developments in this area in different jurisdictions and also examines the legal challenges that exist before the growth of mobile payments. At the time of writing, this is a newly emerging area. The present ebook seeks to sensitize the readers of important issues that mobile payment bandwagon has to appropriately address, before it becomes a common fabric of our day-to-day lives.

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