The eBook “Mobile Law – An International Outlook” is the first authoritative eBook on various facets of the emerging jurisprudence of Mobile Law at the international level. We need to appreciate that internationally, there is not much unanimity amongst nations on how to proceed forward on legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning mobile phones. However, there is beginning to be development in various national jurisdictions through various national laws, which have a direct impact upon the development and growth of Mobile Law.

This eBook seeks to examine in depth the international legal position pertaining to the various subjects that form an integral part of Mobile Law. This eBook not only dwells on the concepts of the legal recognition of mobile phones but also on how different national jurisdictions deal with legal liabilities in the mobile ecosystem. This eBook further examines issues pertaining to the mobile authentication and also mobile banking and payments. This eBook further analyzes the various new kinds of emerging mobile crimes and the misuse of mobiles for variety of criminal and other purposes including for cyber terrorism purposes.

Given the propensity of children to use mobiles very frequently, this eBook also seeks to look at what the law says on protecting children in the context of mobiles. Further, the issue pertaining to mobile privacy which is so important in our day-to-day lives and various legal, policy and regulatory issues connected therewith, are adequately dealt with in the present eBook. This eBook further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of law and regulation in the mobile ecosystem.

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