Crime has been an integral part of human civilization from its very beginning. Criminal activities have always inspired human minds. Consequently, law has always looked at various ways of trying to act as a deterrent to prevent crime and further to provide for deterrent punishment for various criminal activities. However, the advent of technology has now produced a completely new fertile ground for growth of criminal tendencies and criminal activities. The advent of mobile phones and mobile computing has given a new platform for criminal activities which was hitherto not available. Mobiles have made life far more convenient and productive. However, mobile devices and mobile computing have been quickly adopted by criminals so as to aid and assist in their criminal designs.

Today, mobiles are not only being used for the purposes of perpetuating criminal activities but also for the purposes of targeting mobile networks also. As such, mobile crimes have emerged as new kinds of crimes across the world. Mobile crime is becoming increasingly important challenge for law enforcement agencies across the world. A variety of mobile crimes are emerging on the horizon.

There are various legal, policy and regulatory issues connected with mobile crimes. Different jurisdictions across the world are trying their own respective mechanisms to deal with mobile crimes.

This eBook Mobile Crime & Mobile Law” is the first authoritative treatise on the issue of mobile crimes and Mobile Law. This eBook looks at variety of issues pertaining to criminal activities in the mobile ecosystem. It further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of crimes in the mobile ecosystem

It covers inter alia amongst other the following issues:

Mobile Crime – An Introduction

Kinds of Mobile Crimes

Facts & Figures about Mobile Crimes

Mobile Law and Mobile Crime-Existing Legal Position Pertaining To Mobile Crime across the World

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Challenges Posed By Mobile Crimes

Future Trends


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