The ebook is the first of its kind in its specialized category and has explored various legal and regulatory aspects of Mobile Banking & Mobile Law

The use, adoption and continues reliance on mobile phones and communication devices has given rise to a new kind of economy. The mobile commerce growth has further propelled growth of new paradigm shifts in our lives. More and more people are today relying upon mobile phones for the purposes of not accessing the Internet but also making purchases and also dealing with their moneys. It is in this context that mobile banking assumes significance.

Even two decades ago, people could have hardly ever thought that handheld devices or mobile phones could be used for banking purposes. Today, we are at the cusp of human history at a time when mobile banking is about to take huge strides. The advent of mobile banking brings along with it, its own set of very complicated legal, policy and regulatory issues. What is mobile banking? Is mobile banking legal? Is there any force of law behind mobile banking? Can mobile banking be misused? Can cyber criminals target mobile banking? Can a user lose money using mobile banking? How does the law protect consumers of mobile phones who are using mobiles for purposes of doing mobile commerce? What is the future of mobile banking and the accompanying legal jurisprudence? These and variety of other legal issues impacting mobile banking have been sought to be specifically addressed by the present ebook.

The present ebook “Mobile Banking & Mobile Law” seeks to examine and analyze the current landscape pertaining to the legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning mobile banking, examines the various challenges that face mobile banking at a global scenario and also looks at various approaches adopted by different national governments so as to not only effectively give a thrust to growth of mobile banking but also to effectively regulate mobile banking to protect and preserve the interests of mobile users and consumers.

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