The ebook is the first of its kind in its specialized category and has explored various hitherto unexplored various legal/regulatory issues pertaining to Mobile Apps in International perspectives.

“There is an app for that”, when this famous saying was coined, little did people comprehend about the evolving future of mobile apps. Mobile apps or mobile applications are not just doorways of convenience that are available on our mobile phones, they also represent yet another aspect of accessing data and mobile networks as also the Internet. Over the last few years, mobile app economy has boomed. The figures pertaining to mobile apps growth on IOS and also at Android market place has demonstrated in crystal clear terms that mobile apps are here to stay.

The adoption, use and reliance on mobile apps have various legal, policy and regulatory issues. In fact, large numbers of users of mobile apps don’t even know about the legal policy and regulatory issues connected with the same and have little awareness about the ramifications that their actions using mobile apps can have, on their own lives and digital existence. It is in this regard, that this ebook seeks to examine the existing current legal landscape pertaining to mobile apps.

Does the use of a mobile app have any legal consequences? Can a mobile app and its daily use by a user have legal connotations? What kind of legal, policy and regulatory issues impact mobile apps? Are peoples’ privacy significantly impacted the use of mobile apps? Are mobile apps mere doorways of convenience or are they data repositories who are silently stealing information about your personal, professional and social lives including your geo-location information, possibly without your consent? Does use of use mobile apps have legal connotations for our digital future? These and a variety of other issues are sought to be addressed by the present ebook.

This ebook aims to sensitize all stakeholders in the mobile application ecosystem including lay users about the legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to mobile apps. In fact as we write, legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning mobile apps are continuing to grow and are sought to be addressed in a variety of ways. This ebook aims to sensitize the reader about some of the important issues concerning use, adoption and continued reliance on mobile apps. Clearly, these are early days yet and large numbers of developments have yet to take place.

Further, lot of case laws and judge made law is also ultimately going to determine the way the jurisprudence around mobile apps is going to develop. Various national governments are tying up with different ideas to come up with appropriate legal regulatory frameworks so as to appropriately regulate mobile apps and their respective activities. This ebook seeks to look at variety of all pertinent legal issues which impact mobile apps and how the said issues are likely to evolve over a period of time in the coming future.

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