Technology has seen rapid advancements in the last few decades. The advent of new technologies has brought in far more new challenges for existing jurisprudence. The advent of mobile phones and communication devices has not only increased productivity and convenience but has also now become the basis for mobile commerce.

Consequently, new kinds of commercial activities are now being undertaken using mobile phones and communication devices. Large numbers of mobile contracts are being executed using communication devices. Hence, the concept of mobile contract has emerged as an important concept. In fact, the entire legal concept of mobile contract is the foundation pillar of mobile commerce.

However, there are various legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to mobile contracts. To a large extent, the existing jurisprudence on contracts would apply to contracts entered into using communication devices. However, there are still large numbers of legal, policy and regulatory challenges in this regard.

This eBook “Law of Contracts & Use of Mobile Devices” seeks to examine the existing provision pertaining to mobile contracts and takes the specific illustrative example of the Indian jurisdiction. This eBook has chosen the Indian jurisdiction as a classical example to show how in a country where there is a huge population and where people have leapfrogged on to the mobile ecosystem using mobiles and communication devices, the existing jurisprudence pertaining to contracts has appropriately been applied in the context of mobile contracts. It is this jurisprudence which is forming the basis for booming mobile commerce in such a country. This eBook also examined the challenges facing before the law of contracts in the mobile ecosystem and notes that there is very little jurisprudence in terms of case law and the entire issue pertaining to mobile contracts. It further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of contracts in the mobile ecosystem.

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