The advent of mobiles has a direct impact upon protection and preservation of intellectual property rights. Today people use mobiles and communication devices for the purposes of accessing data and information in the electronic form including original data and original content having intrinsic intellectual property rights therein.

While mobiles have also made life easy for corporates, corporates are slowly beginning to realize the deterrent effect that mobiles have upon on their efforts to protect and preserve their intellectual property rights. Mobiles today allow seamless infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights in original literary, artistic, dramatic, musical or cinematographic works of the contents of creators. How does the law deal with this entire issue? What is the entire relationship between mobile phones and piracy? What is the legal impact of mobile phones on protection and preservation of intellectual property rights? These and other related questions are sought to be addressed in the present eBook.

This eBook “Intellectual Property Rights in Mobile Ecosystem – A Legal Viewpoint” makes the Indian Cyberlaw as the foundation illustrative example in that regard. The Indian jurisdiction as an example is chosen because of the widespread adoption of mobile phones in India .Further, this eBook has taken the Indian legal system as an example to show as to how legal jurisprudence can appropriately address the entire challenges facing the protection and preservation of intellectual property rights in the mobile paradigm.

This eBook sensitizes users of communication devices of the need to be careful that they do not use their mobile devices in a manner which tantamount to infringing the intellectual property rights of respective content owner/creators. This eBook further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of intellectual property rights in the mobile ecosystem.

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