.IN stands for the country code top-level domains allocated to India. The rise of India as a powerful nation in the field of Information Technology has given birth to numerous trends. One of the big trends in this regard is the increased propagation and adoption of the .in country code top-level domains.

In fact, India was already allocated this country code top-level domain couple of decades back. However, lack of innovative approach in marketing the same led to very few .in registrations by the year 2004. Consequently, the .in country code top level domain regime was restructured and thereafter the Indian country code top-level domain has now seen unprecedented growth.

Having crossed more than million domain name, .in cctld registry is only an indication of things to come. .In ccTLD domain names have various policy and legal regulatory issues such as how the Indian legal framework is dealing with it, dispute resolution mechanism, etc, these and a variety of other related legal policy and regulatory issues connected with .in country code top-level domain have been elaborated in the present eBook.

The present eBook tends to give a brief overview of the salient legal aspects connected to .in country code top-level domain. It also points out the feature and actual working of .in dispute resolution mechanism.

This eBook also analyses the significant importance of Indian Cyberlaw in the context of the daily working and operations of .in country code top-level domain.

This e-book will be of value to all users who are either the registrants or users of .in country code top-level domains. This eBook will be of value to all in whose domain names under .in ccTLD have been cyber squatted on and provides glimpses of how people can get their domain names under .in ccTLD back from cyber squatters.

More about the e book is available at http://goo.gl/gaXc6I