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International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal



Cyber Security is the protection of computer systems and computer networks from theft or damage to hardware, software or electronic data.  Apart from private organizations the data of government organizations is also under constant threat.  The security analysts are facing many challenges related to cyber security such as – Ransomware Evolution, Blockchain Evolution, IOT Threats, AI Explosion, Serverless Apps vulnerability.

Since Cyber Security is a burning issue of the present times, it is all the more important to be well-versed with its challenges. If you like to further enhance your knowledge, log on to www.cyberlawuniversity.com. Cyberlaw University has come up with some very informative courses appropriate in the present scenario.  You may browse through them and surely you would be able to come across some other courses that would catch your attention.

Web Meetings organized by Cyberlaw University

Pavan Duggal Delivering High Level Policy Statements, recommending for International Convention on Cyberlaw & Cybersecurity at ITU, WSIS Forum 2015

Web Meetings addressed by Dr. Pavan Duggal