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International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal


Due to Corona virus outbreak, people are compelled to work from home.  They are also under a new threat as cyber attackers want to make quick buck. There is an apprehension that hackers may target people working from home, as well as consumers and industries.  The best way to protect your company from cyber attacks is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Employers are encouraged to warn their staff on the risk of sharing passwords with anyone within the team or any guests and interns.

To make further clarifications regarding your doubts about Cyber Security in Coronavirus age, you may log-on to www.cyberlawuniversity.com.  Cyberlaw University has developed several other courses dealing with cutting-edge issues concerning Cybercrime, Darknet, Artificial Intelligence, etc.  Browsing through the list of courses, you are sure to come across some other courses which would of your interest.

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Pavan Duggal Delivering High Level Policy Statements, recommending for International Convention on Cyberlaw & Cybersecurity at ITU, WSIS Forum 2015

Web Meetings addressed by Dr. Pavan Duggal