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International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal



This course gives you an introduction of the legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting the Blockchain. It takes you through a journey to discover the various complex legal issues that Blockchain is beginning to throw up, including protection of privacy, smart contracts and liability of Blockchain service providers and how different legal approaches are evolving to deal with these legalities and related nuances raised by Blockchain.

Topics covered: 

  1. Welcome to the course on Blockchain and Law
  2. Introduction
  3. Understanding Blockchain
  4. Characteristics of Blockchain Ledgers
  5. Blockchain Statistics
  6. Additional Blockchain Figures
  7. Government, Blockchain Pilot Programme
  8. Is Blockchain Legal?
  9. Blockchain and cybersecurity
  10. Challenges of cybersecurity for blockchain
  11. Additional cybersecurity risks to blockchain
  12. Existing Cyberlaws and Blockchain
  13. Malta’s blockchain laws
  14. Malta’s innovative technology
  15. Malta’s Financial Assets Act
  16. Belarus law on crypto-currency
  17. Belarus regulation of crypto activities
  18. Belarus legal recognition of smart contract
  19. Need for new Legal framework on Blockchain
  20. Legality of Blockchain, Ledger and Entry
  21. Nevada Law defining blockchain
  22. Blockchain Legislation in United States
  23. Delaware Law on Blockchain
  24. Blockchain and Privacy
  25. Liability of Blockchain Service Providers
  26. Banking – Blockchain and Privacy
  27. Smart Contracts – An Introduction
  28. Smart Contracts as Public Contract
  29. Smart Contract, Blockchain and Legalities
  30. Trustless trust in blockchain contracts
  31. Legality of blockchain contracts
  32. Consent and frustation of blockchain contract
  33. Projected statistics about blockchain
  34. Future projections about blockchain
  35. Trends emerging in blockchain cases around the world
  36. Conclusion

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