International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal



This course will give a brief introduction to the emerging new legal discipline of Artificial Intelligence Law and would sensitize the students to the amazing world of legal complexities thrown up by the advent of Artificial Intelligence.  This course will enable the students to have a broad understanding of some of the more significant legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning Artificial Intelligence. This course will also highlight some of the practical challenges being faced today, in applying actual world laws to the emerging paradigm of Artificial Intelligence. This course further will sensitize the need for coming up with pragmatic, flexible and fresh legal perspectives while dealing with numerous challenges thrown up by Artificial Intelligence.

Topics covered: 

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Importance of Artificial Intelligence
  3. What is Artificial Intelligence?
  4. AI Definition by John McCarthy
  5. Other Definitions of Artificial Intelligence
  6. Statistics about Artificial Intelligence
  7. TCS Survey about Artificial Intelligence TCS Survey about Artificial Intelligence
  8. No Need for specific regulation of AI
  9. Need for Artificial Intelligence Law
  10. Legal definition of Artificial Intelligence in Nevada
  11. Treating of AI as a legal entity
  12. AI as a legal entity
  13. Requirements of legal entity as per Legal Dictionaries
  14. Essentials of legal person
  15. Applicability of legal person parameters to Artificial Intelligence
  16. Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence
  17. Artificial Intelligence as an agent
  18. Treating Artificial Intelligence as a company
  19. Concept of a company by Chief Justice Marshall
  20. Salient features of a company under law
  21. Company’s legal features and their applicability to AI – Part 1
  22. Company’s legal features and their applicability to AI – Part 2
  23. Ethical principles and Artificial Intelligence
  24. Artificial Intelligence and legal liability – various questions
  25. Legal liability for company owning or licensing Artificial Intelligence
  26. Legal liability for creating Artificial Intelligence
  27. Enforcement of legal liability of Artificial Intelligence
  28. Important cases pertaining to Artificial Intelligence legal liability
  29. Liability under law of torts and Artificial Intelligence
  30. Artificial Intelligence contracts and legalities
  31. Conclusion

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