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International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal

Cybercrime & Cyberlaw

Apart from so many glaring damages caused on account of Coronavirus, there is a possibility that cybercrime damage costs may be double due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Cybercrime costs include damage and destruction of data, theft of personal and financial data, intellectual property, embezzlement and frauds deletion of facts data.

Large number of employees globally have been sent homes to work remotely on account of outbreak of Coronavirus.  Since employees of various organizations now have minimal cyber security resources as compared to what they get in the normal course, they need to self-educate themselves and if the organizations / businesses do not immediately provide security awareness training centred on the home office threat.

To know more about Cybercrime and Cyberlaw, Cyberlaw University has come up with online courses on Cyberlaw and Cybercrimes.  To view these courses, log on to www.cyberlawuniversity.com.  May be you come across with other courses that may catch your fancy.

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Pavan Duggal Delivering High Level Policy Statements, recommending for International Convention on Cyberlaw & Cybersecurity at ITU, WSIS Forum 2015

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