International Conference on Cyber law Cyber crime & Cyber Security

International Conference on Cyberlaw Cybercrime & Cyber Security

Cyber Law Today by Pavan Duggal



In this description, the students will get to learn about the practical challenges and issues that they face in their day-to-day activities online through various questions that are asked by different users and by analyzing the said questions and thereafter answering the said questions, the students not only get to understand and analyze the legal and policy ramifications concerning cyberspace but also learn appropriate response mechanisms and approaches that they need to adopt while dealing with such cyber legal challenges.

In answering the various questions raised by the users and in analyzing the cyber legal frameworks and connected legal principles across the world, the students get more familiarized with the various important cyber legal principles that are applicable to their day-to-day activities in cyberspace. After doing Cyberlaw Summer School, you will be far more confident about how to deal with emerging cyber legal challenges and issues impacting your day-to-day activities in cyberspace.

Topics covered:

  1. Section 1:Introduction
  2. Section 2:Dealing with a fictitious page of yourself on social media
  3. Section 3:Cyber bullying and identity theft legalities
  4. Section 4:Responding to ransomware attack
  5. Section 5:Legalities concerning ransomware as a cybercrime
  6. Section 6:Dealing with defamatory tweets
  7. Section 7:Realities regarding cyber defamation
  8. Section 8:How to tackle with revenge porn
  9. Section 9:Cyber legal approaches on revenge porn
  10. Section 10:Non consensual pornography & legal challenges
  11. Section 11:Removal of personal data on the web
  12. Section 12:Right to be forgotten & legal issues
  13. Section 13:Problem of sexting
  14. Section 14:Legal challenges of sexting
  15. Section 15:Web cam hacking
  16. Section 16:Hacking legalities
  17. Section 17:Dealing with cybersecurity breach
  18. Section 18:Cybersecurity breaches & legal issues
  19. Section 19:Responsibilities of platform owners
  20. Section 20:Legal liability of data intermediaries
  21. Section 21:Disputes on online contracts
  22. Section 22:Legalities concerning online contracts
  23. Section 23:Is morphing photographs a good idea
  24. Section 24:Legality of a threatening WhatsApp message
  25. Section 25:Electronic evidence legalities
  26. Section 26:Conclusion

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